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December Cocktail: Joy and Passion

Everybody knows: there is no personal growth happening inside of one’s comfort zone. Have to step out of it and push yourself to see some progress. We all know it, and not all of us do it. Why? Very simple: it is not easy!

North Star Technical Challenge

Dear North Pole Dancers! You are invited to join North Pole Dance Studio Technical Challenge, that will take place during the studio party on Wednesday, December 13! Dare to compare your skill set to the technical standards of pole dance!

Thanksgiving Special Present

Dear North Pole Dancers and Friends! I did get some questions directly and through your stories about ladies who never tried pole dance before and are interested to know what it is. As a token of appreciation for your support I would like to extend this offer to your friends and followers:

Birthday Fun: We are Turning One!

I positively cannot believe it. It’s been one whole year already since North Pole Dance studio opened its doors for the first time! I am so grateful for having celebrated the first Birthday with the teachers, students, and guests of the studio last week – thank you all for your great wishes, for the cake and the balloons, for your posts in social media, and most of all – for…

Valentine’s Day Showcase

We had a studio showcase in February, and only now I got to writing about it. I hope you all had a great time – I did! – the studio hosted an amazing group of people, we saw gorgeous performances and had lots of fun! The theme of the party was Valentine’s, so all our dances and games were circling around the topic of love.

Celebrating You!

Wow! What an amazing party we had on Friday! Our Holiday-themed concert showcased what you have learned in these short months. Student and teacher pole dance performances were complemented with an energetic belly dance (our guests joined in) and a specially prepared song.

Your First Class

Every journey begins with a first step. We all know only too well, this is sometimes the hardest part – to get from an idea to action, to start doing something about your interests or even dreams. I wrote this post to make this first step easier for you. The first class in a new activity, such as Pole Dance or Yoga, can be exciting and at the same time…

Grand Opening

Dear friends! I am very grateful to you for celebrating the Grand Opening of North Pole Dance studio with me last weekend! Many thanks to those who called me or sent an email with warm wishes. Thank you for the beautiful bunch of flowers and for other presents! I am very grateful to everyone who took time to come join the events in person. I hope you enjoyed free classes….

Why Pole Dance?

If you ask ten different people what do they think is the best fitness program, not many of them will come up with pole dance right away. Unless you asking pole dancers, that is. Many people enjoy this increasingly popular sport, it even has its own world competition. Like many other sports, it can be practiced recreationally or competitively. So why pole dance? For me there is no doubt about…

Following Your Dreams

Hello. My name is Taya, and I’m the owner of the new North Pole Dance studio in North York. It is been a very long ride, but I am finally there, and this beautiful studio is now officially open. Today I want to look back and share with you how it all came to be.