Why Pole Dance?

If you ask ten different people what do they think is the best fitness program, not many of them will come up with pole dance right away. Unless you asking pole dancers, that is. Many people enjoy this increasingly popular sport, it even has its own world competition. Like many other sports, it can be practiced recreationally or competitively.

So why pole dance? For me there is no doubt about why, and I’d like to share my biggest reasons with you.



Pole dance is a very versatile activity. After you mastered the first few moves, you can start playing with your style. You can be a ballerina and draw classical shapes around the pole. You can turn into an exotic dancer and perform a sequence on high heels shoes. Or you can strive to master precisely timed and perfectly aligned moves, like an Olympian gymnast. There are no rules and no limits, you are the creator of your very own style.


I know I need to take good care of my body: exercise is necessary for both physical and mental health. However gym routines or running do not work for me: I get bored too fast and cannot motivate myself to continue. With pole dance though I have so much fun, that I barely notice how time flies by in the class. Training and conditioning for pole makes all group muscles stronger and more agile. When I would like to achieve a desired line or perform a striking move, I feel super motivated to train and stretch for it. As a result, every day I feel strong, healthy and beautiful. Well, most days.


The community of pole dancers is a very friendly and supportive group. Although the majority of us perform single, every success gets celebrated as if we were a team. All of us started from simple moves like “Walk around the Pole” or “Fireman”. All of us faced our own challenges progressing to more complicated and beautiful routines. All of us can sincerely appreciate the effort of others on the same journey. Now as I opened my own studio, I see my pole friends being as happy for me as if I were their family. Thank to all of you for your kind words and ongoing support!


Pole dance taught me one of the most important lessons of my life: many things seem impossible at first, but if you try and work towards it, you can achieve anything. In the beginning of my pole dancing journey I looked at the best pole athletes with admiration and thought: they are so strong, so agile, I don’t think I can do what they are doing. I have a personal belief: in the direction that your fear is growing, you are on the right path. This is exactly what I’ve done – I moved in the direction that challenged me, I practice despite fear, and with time I mastered pretty complicated things. When I face tough situations in my everyday life, I source my inspiration and courage from pole dance. I know: if I consistently invest in working on anything, the results will come.

Now you know why I chose pole dance and why it became such a big part of my life. Here is an idea for you: don’t ask yourself why try pole dancing. Ask yourself: WHY NOT?

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