The bigger the dream the more important the team

Dear friends, Our studio is growing, and so do your skills and abilities. It is amazing to see how you move ahead on your personal journeys! Together with the studio, our team of instructors is getting bigger. Please meet Valentina and Zhana!

December Cocktail: Joy and Passion

Everybody knows: there is no personal growth happening inside of one’s comfort zone. Have to step out of it and push yourself to see some progress. We all know it, and not all of us do it. Why? Very simple: it is not easy!

Premium Photography Introductory Offer for December 17th!

Inspired by the great progress of our students, we’re launching the new Premium Photography service to help them capture amazing photographs they can be proud of!

North Star Technical Challenge

Dear North Pole Dancers! You are invited to join North Pole Dance Studio Technical Challenge, that will take place during the studio party on Wednesday, December 13! Dare to compare your skill set to the technical standards of pole dance!

Thanksgiving Special Present

Dear North Pole Dancers and Friends! I did get some questions directly and through your stories about ladies who never tried pole dance before and are interested to know what it is. As a token of appreciation for your support I would like to extend this offer to your friends and followers:

Birthday Fun: We are Turning One!

I positively cannot believe it. It’s been one whole year already since North Pole Dance studio opened its doors for the first time! I am so grateful for having celebrated the first Birthday with the teachers, students, and guests of the studio last week – thank you all for your great wishes, for the cake and the balloons, for your posts in social media, and most of all – for…

Celebration of Spring

Spring is here! Young leaves peaked out of the buds, rain washed our world, and winter jackets are disappearing from the streets. Our studio got an invitation to participate in the celebration of Nauryz. Nauryz is one of the oldest holidays on Earth. This holiday of spring and the renewed life of the Earth has been celebrated for over five thousand years by many cultures of the Middle and Central…

Valentine’s Day Showcase

We had a studio showcase in February, and only now I got to writing about it. I hope you all had a great time – I did! – the studio hosted an amazing group of people, we saw gorgeous performances and had lots of fun! The theme of the party was Valentine’s, so all our dances and games were circling around the topic of love.

Sun Salutation – a Great Way to Energize You for the Day

When I get low on energy, I often wish I could just get come by connecting to a charging device, like a smartphone. What if I told you, that you could do exactly that – get some energy to continue your day? And, by the way, this will not cost you a penny.

Celebrating You!

Wow! What an amazing party we had on Friday! Our Holiday-themed concert showcased what you have learned in these short months. Student and teacher pole dance performances were complemented with an energetic belly dance (our guests joined in) and a specially prepared song.