PLEASE NOTE: Signing up is mandatory. Check the additional changes below.

5pm: Conditioning for Pole (Yuliya)
6pm: Exotic (int-adv level) (Yuliya)
7pm: Advanced pole (Varvara)
8pm: Stretching (Taya)
9pm: Intermediate pole(Yomna)

6pm: Intermediate pole (Taya)
7pm: Beginners pole (Taya)
8pm: Pre-advanced pole (Varvara)
9pm: Exotic (int-adv level) (Varvara)

5-6pm: Practice for teachers
6pm: Advanced pole (Yomna)
7pm: Exotic (int-adv level) (Liza)
8pm: Stretching (Varvara)
9pm: Pole art (Varvara)

6pm: Pre-advanced pole (Taya)
7pm: Exotic for beginners (Taya)
8pm: Exotic tricks (int-adv level) (Taya)
9pm: Beginners pole (Dau)

6pm: Exotic for beginners (Yuliya)
7pm: Exotic (int-adv level) (Taya)
8pm: Advanced pole (Taya)
9pm: Intermediate pole (Varvara)

10am: Pre-advanced pole (Yomna)
11am: Open pole
12pm: Conditioning for Pole (Yomna)

10am: Intermediate pole (Yuliya)
11am: Open pole
12pm: Stretching (Taya)
1pm: Beginners pole (Taya)
5-6pm: Practice for teachers

Please remember:

  • We have limited spots.
  • Signing up is mandatory. If you are signed and you can not make it to the class please let us know 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the class you missed will count toward one of the classes from your punch card, or a late cancellation fee of $10 will be applied to your membership account.

North Pole Dance Studio reserves the right to change the schedule without notice.