Reserve your pole today!

Reserve your pole today!

Reserve your pole today!


Stay fit, have fun, be feminine. All levels are welcome!

Exotic Pole

Build a repertoire of elegant choreographed moves to enhance your routines. Turn a sport into a dance. Master variety of dance moves and smooth beautiful transitions, then let the music guide your body.

Sensual Me

It’s not all about the pole. Learn elements of sensual dance, improve your posture and acquire light step. Express strength and beauty of your body through graceful moves. See your body in a completely new light, discover all the magnificent moves it can do, love your feminine self. See this goddess in you!


Our expertly guided series of exercises will make your muscles and tendons stronger and more flexible. Increase agility of your joints. Project power with your whole body. This class enables your success in many other physical activities you enjoy in your life.

Our Mission

We guide you on your journey and help you to concentrate on three areas of personal growth:

Stay fit

Starting from the first class, you build on strength and agility of your body. Progress from simple steps to intricate move sequences, improve your stamina, and increase your energy level.

Have fun

Enjoy yourself moving to the great music! Open up to the world of new possibilities, that will shape your health, improve your mood and reduce stress levels in your life! Bring your friends along and meet new ones in our studio!

Be feminine

We believe, that each woman is unique and beautiful. Our program helps you to discover your creative strong feminine self. Practice graceful moves, believe in yourself and let the essence of who you are shine.